The database has not been configured to run background jobs.
How to manually install the Primavera Background Agent.
How to check that background jobs are running correctly.
How to configure P6 to run background jobs.
When logging into Project Management 6.0 the following error is received:

"The database has not been configured to run background jobs. To correct this problem, please contact your System Administrator or see the Primavera’s Administrator Guide."

**Also included in the error are the last run times for each background job

PM 6.0, 6.1

For similar issues on SQL 2000, SQL 2005 (not Express) or Oracle, please refer to: Solution ID:  prim53068 – Error: "The database has not been configured to run background jobs."


SQL Server Express (2005)


Since Microsoft does not supply a process scheduler with SQL Server Express 2005, Primavera has created an agent that runs P6 background processes on SQL Server Express 2005. This Windows service, Primavera Background Agent (Service Name: Primavera Background Agent), is automatically installed when the standalone installation of P6 is used along with SQL Server Express 2005.

Note: The Primavera Background Agent service is installed automatically by the P6 standalone installation and generally does not need to be manually installed

You may need to install the service if:

1. You have installed SQL Server Express (2005) after installing the standalone version of P6.

2. You have installed SQL Server Express (2005) on a server that doesn’t have P6 installed on it.

Manually Installing PrmBackAgent under SQL 2005 Express

Note: This is not required for full SQL 2000/2005 only SQL 2005 Express

Although the service is installed automatically by the P6 standalone installation, the service can also be installed manually on the machine where the database is located. To install the service manually, you must be a Windows user with admin access to the databases involved. Follow the procedure below to manually install the service.

Extract the prmbackgroundagent.exe executable from the file on CD 1.

Place the prmbackgroundagent.exe file in a directory on the local machine (for example, C:\Primavera\PrmBackAgent).

From the Start menu, click Run.

Substituting the appropriate path to the prmbackgroundagent.exe file from step 2, execute the following command to install the service:

C:\Primavera\PrmBackAgent\prmbackgroundagent.exe /install


Manually Registering and Starting PrmBackAgent under SQL 2005 Express

Before starting the service, the name of the server instance containing the P6 databases must be added to the registry. Follow the procedure below to manually add the server instance name to the registry.

1.  Right-click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Primavera and choose "New", "Key".

Enter the name "BackgroundAgent"

2.  Right-click on BackgroundAgent and choose "New", "String Value".  Enter "Server". 



3.  Right-click on Server and choose "Modify".  Enter the SQL Server instance name in the "Value Data" field. 

NOTE:  for standalone installations localhost\primavera can be used.


4.  When this is complete, reboot the machine.

Initializing Primavera Background Jobs

  1. Go to Start->Programs->Microsoft SQL Server 2005->SQL Server Management Studio Express.
  2. Click Connect to log in.

  3. Click on "New Query"

  4. Type:

    use nameofdatabase

    exec initialize_background_procs

    Where nameofdatabase is your Primavera Database name. The default is pmdb$primavera.
    Click the Execute button to run the query.

  5. If it was successful it will show "Command(s) completed successfully.

    Close out of SQL 2005 Express.

  6. Open up Project Management.  You may still see the error message.  If so,…..

    Let the program open for a couple of minutes to trigger the jobs to run. Symon process should run every 1 minute and Damon process every 5 minutes. Once both these jobs have ran successfully for the first time the users should not receive the error message while logging into Project Management.