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How to install the stand-alone version of P6 V7
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Version(s): 7.0

Problem: How to install the stand-alone version of P6 V7

New in P6 v7.0, the standalone version now installs with Oracle XE (Oracle Express Edition).  Previous versions installed SQL Server Express.

         Make sure your computer is running Windows XP Professional (sp3) or Windows Vista (sp2).

         You must have administrator rights to your computer

         If installing on a 64-bit OS, the Oracle 11g client is also required to be installed. 

Users and database aliases for stand-alone installations

When Oracle XE is installed, there will be 3 new default users for both for both Project Management and Methodology Management:

For Project Management the default users are





For Methodology Management the default users are




The names of the default database aliases are ORAPMDB and ORAMMDB.

The passwords for these users will be the password you provide during installation.

Install the Stand-alone P6 V7:

1.   From download media, open the Client_Applications folder and double-click on the setup.exe file.

2.  Click Next on Welcome screen.

3.  Select the Industry to determine terminology and default settings for calculation.  This replaces the entry for product code.
The industry you select determines application defaults, calculation settings, and the sample data that is installed with the client modules.

4.  Select Primavera Standalone

5.  Choose and Installation Location.

6.  Choose a Common Files installation location

7.  Choose whether or not you would like sample projects to be added to the database.

8.  Choose Program Directory.

9.  New for standalone with Oracle XE, users now have to enter a password to be used for all the database users.  For security purposes we no longer set the default password automatically. 
      NOTE:  Oracle database passwords are not supported with multi-byte characters.  

10.  Click install to begin the installation.

 11.  Oracle XE, Project Management and Methodolgy Management databases will then be installed.

12.  Click Finish to complete the installation.

13.  Choose whether to restart your machine to fully complete the installation.